Sterling Accountancy Established 1995                                    

Certified Practising Accountant

  • Step 1

I operate in a cost effective way keeping my costs to a minimum. I don’t pay wages to a secretary and work from home avoiding unnecessary overheads.

I like this way of working and by keeping my costs to a minimum I can share the savings with my clients.

  • Step 2

All fees are quoted in advance, so no more nasty surprises when the accountancy bill arrives.

  • Step 3

Pay as you go. Now we know what the annual fee’s are going to be why not set up a painless monthly standing order and avoid the bills altogether.

During my 25 years in accountancy I soon discovered the biggest area of complaint from clients is large unexpected bills and uncertainty for what they are being charged for.

My aim is to provide a first class professional service together with good value and easy payments.

Give me a call to find out how you can take control of accountancy fees.

Telephone: 01229 770960

Fax: 0871 730 1978


Don' let accountancy fee's get you down. Make Accountancy Fee's manageable with my 3 step plan.